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Why Spring Clean? How About Spring Clean Out?

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Why Spring Clean?

 Have you ever wondered why Spring is the season for scrubbing, scouring and purging our homes in a humongous “Spring Cleaning” effort?  Why not then? Why not undertake a massive house-cleaning spree during the long days of summer, or as the leaves drop each fall? And who can we thank for this back-breaking tradition? Is it all just a big promotion set into play by manufacturers of cleaning products?

Truthfully, spring cleaning is not at all like the commercialized Valentine’s Day holiday. The concept of “Spring Cleaning” has a long cultural history with several logical explanation for its placement between winter and summer. The traditions of the Chinese, Iranians, and Jewish cultures are responsible for the current spring cleaning phenomenon.

For many years, Iranians have followed the traditional practice of “khooneh tekouni” which literally means “shaking the house” just before their new year, which falls on the first day of spring. The ancient Jewish people were also known to perform a cleansing of the home in anticipation of the spring-time holiday of Passover. The Chinese sweep their floors and clean their homes to rid of bad luck and misfortune that may have accumulated during the previous year.

Instinctively, Westerners greet the longer days of spring with cleanser, hot water, and several trips to Goodwill.

Perhaps we too feel that instinctive urge to tidy up from winter and start our homes anew. Whatever your reason for spring cleaning this year, enjoy the process. And don’t forget to schedule in time to enjoy your fresh, renewed surroundings.  Get an instant estimate!


How About Spring Clean OUT!

It is Spring – a time for new beginnings and blooming. Trees are starting to bloom, Spring flowers are coming up after a long winter, and it is time for us too to awake from our wintry slumber and look toward a new warm, clean season.  Instead of just focusing on Spring Cleaning this year (which we can help you with), why not think about Spring Clean OUT.

Get rid of all the clutter that saps your energy and simplify your living space so.  We’ve included a few ideas on how to Spring Clean out your home to better enjoy your space.

Start Small and Start Easy

Sometimes the best way to get going is to pick a small, visible project you can feel good about.  Find a shelf that is noticeable and turn it around.  Recycle all papers that are no longer needed. Get rid of broken items that are still lurking around. Put a box nearby to easily put items in that can be donated to a charity. Finally, decorate that shelf with a few fresh flowers, a candle or a photo of a loved one.

Remember to Reuse

Before you toss all those jelly jars, consider them for casual vases for wildflowers. Don’t think you need that extra basket?  How about putting sample sized soaps and shampoos in it lined with an attractive washcloth to put out in your guest bathroom?  The trick to reusing items is to make sure you have a use for them if you keep them.  If they become clutter, than they should be recycled or donated.

Group Items

Sounds obvious, but if grouping your items together will help you find that you sometimes have more than you need. Pull together all your red shirts – are there any that you don’t wear?  How about all that Tupperware in the pantry?

After a good, healthy Spring Clean Out, you will find yourself sighing a breath of relief when you relax in your more attractive and efficient space.  Now you’re ready to get that instant estimate for a whole house Fresh Start Deluxe Spring Cleaning

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