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365 Days of Clean

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a clean house, EVERY day? By following the daily tips below you will find your home will stay clean and tidy to give you 365 days of clean.

Do a load of laundry. With a family of four, it is possible to accumulate enough to do a load of laundry on a daily basis. Save a basket of stains to deal with or items to bleach and when you have a low-laundry day tackle one of those projects.

Tidy and pick up. Sounds obvious, but it is amazing how quickly messes can spin out of control if they are left. After a bit of time we can get used to a pile of books by the door or a pile of papers on the table and add to it without noticing. By doing a daily pick up routine, you are less likely to have these “growing” messes.

De-clutter your “hot spot” area. Not sure what a “hot spot” area is? Well, look closely at your entrances. We’ve all got them. They are those places where your kids dump their gear after school, you set down the mail and keys, or any other items as you walk in the door. Be aware of them and keep them tidy.

Do the dishes. Just like the laundry, the dishes are a continual chore. Get it down to a science so that you carve out a few minutes everyday to load and unload the dishwasher. Many people like to load the dishwasher throughout the day to keep the counters clean and then run the machine after dinner.

File.  File? EVERY day, you ask? Yes. Paperwork can be the biggest culprit of messes in a home. Take 5 minutes to put schoolwork, bills, and other mail in their proper place to be dealt with so they aren’t forgotten, misplaced or start one of the dreaded “paper piles.”

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