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What comes first, Cleaning, Sanitizing or Disinfecting?
The answer may surprise you, it’s cleaning. Yes, cleaning!

Cleaning a surface simply removes visible debris, dirt and dust and is the first step in the #regimenof3.

Sanitizing is the process of reducing or getting rid of microbes on surfaces to make them hygienic. Sanitizers are available in two general products: food and non-food contact, both require dwell time and do nothing to remove viruses and fungus. Sanitizing is better than cleaning alone and the second step in the #regimenof3.

Disinfecting is the reduction of pathogens on surfaces and is exponentially better. Disinfecting a surface will kill the microscopic organisms as named on the label of the particular product with proper dwell time of course, and further reduce risk of spreading infection. Always follow the instructions on the product label.  Disinfecting is the third step in the #regimenof3.

It takes a complete regimen of all 3 techniques.  #cleaning  #sanitizing  #disinfecting  #regimenof3  #cleaningforhealth  #freshenyournest



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