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Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips
This holiday season don’t let the messes sneak up on you.  Use these 5 Cleaning Tips for the big Thanksgiving meal. 

  1. Start Clean and Keep it Clean 

    While cooking your big meal you will be amazed at how much easier it will be if you start with a clean kitchen, empty dishwasher, spacious counter tops and a sink full of hot soapy water waiting for your dishes.  This will help you clear messes out of the way quickly while you cook.

  2. Let it Soak   

    Some after dinner dishes will just be tough and time consuming to clean.  Give yourself; let those soak while you enjoy time with family and friends.  With some extra hot water time they will be much easier when you come back to them.

  3. Keep a Cheat Sheet   

    That’s right, even a host or hostess needs a cheat sheet on-hand sometimes.  Jot down some not-so-obvious details like where the china is stored, how to launder the linens, how to treat a red wine stain or remove candle wax from the table.  That way, not only will you have the information on-hand for yourself, but also for all those kind people helping you out with the clean-up.

  4. Recruit   

    Which brings up the next tip: recruit, recruit and recruit.  Before the festivities begin, give each of the kids a small job they will be responsible for and when your friendly guests ask how to help have a project waiting for them.  After all, everyone chipping in is part of the family atmosphere.

  5. Recruit Us!   

    What’s that?  Looking forward to taking it easy and kicking back after the big meal?  Then recruit your friends at your favorite cleaning company, Freshen Your Nest to come in and help with some of the clean-up.  Just call our office at 856-228-2229 for the details.  Be sure to mention code #2019FYNH for special savings. Expires 11-30-2019.

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