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Priority Cleaning Description


We will work as hard as we can to get through your list efficiently and productively to complete as many of your tasks as is possible within the time limit you have given us. You select and pay for only the cleaning tasks you would like us to do depending on the size and/or condition of your home, while we try we may not be able to accomplish everything on your list!

    1. We follow your written list of tasks as you've written it.
    2. The level of detail put into the cleaning is defined by you in your list.
    3. Please submit your list via email a minimum of 48 business hours before your scheduled service to allow us proper timing to process.
    4. We have blocked out the number of hours you've requested.  Additional time if needed requires pre-approval by the office.
    5. The size or condition of your home and the length of your list are factors in how far we are able to get through your list.
    6. Mold and mildew results vary.

Example List:

  1. You might just have us dust tops of surfaces and vac master bedroom,
  2. You may prefer a higher level of detail and have us wash ceiling fans, blinds, lock ledges, sills, baseboards, chair rail, shadow box moldings, wainscoting, panel doors, trim, detail polish all furniture, change bed linens, remove floor HVAC vents vac and wash inside including the grate covers, crevice & edge vac floors, vac carpets in the family room. 


Please Note:

  • We never climb higher than our 2-step ladder.  Anything on your list beyond that reach may be dusted with an extension duster for safety reasons up to 12 foot.
  • We do not dust dried floral arrangement or plants.
  • We do not move objects on wood floors.
  • We do not detail grout.
  • We do not use oven cleaner inside of self-cleaning ovens.
  • We do not shampoo or spot wash carpets/area rugs.
  • We do not clean chandeliers.
  • We do not clean the open soffit area above kitchen cabinetry.

Our cleaning techs are well trained professionals and will take great care in your home.



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