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A common question asked by clients is...

“How to ensure the price of my cleaning doesn’t vary or need adjusting.” Freshen Your Nest Cleaning Services quotes your house cleaning based upon the time it will take for the technician to complete the areas you have requested. Each home is unique based on what is in the home such as: children, pets, flooring types, sq. ft, the amount of items in the home among other things. Here is a guide to ensure your cleaning price doesn’t change due to increase of time spent in your home.


Getting Ready For Your Cleaning
Don’t clean before we arrive but, do pick up as much as possible. This will allow us to focus more on detail and quality for you.
If you need us to assist with house prep?  Give our office a call to add-on "Tidy/Pick Up" service.  We are happy to arrange this add-on service for you.
If for some reason you do not want a particular room cleaned, please just leave a note or close the door and we will honor that request.

One of the key factors in your decision in hiring us to clean is to help stay on top of “Life” as it happens in your home. Many clients often say that they clean before we come. In reality, clients organize/straighten up and remove clutter before we arrive by picking up clothes, washing or loading dishes into the dishwasher, counter tops de-cluttered and paperwork in a pile. This allows the cleaner to provide a thorough cleaning and not question what needs to be done/moved.
Since cleaning requires the use of water, it also reduces any incidents of paperwork or technology getting wet.
A great way to declutter bathroom counters is the use of baskets this way your cleaner can move the basket, clean and place it back allowing the cleaner to focus on the cleaning and not on items you will only dis-gard once used.
We offer limited in our ability to clean the floors under bedding.  The profile of our vacuums do not fit underneath of beds and so when these areas are carpeted we are unable to clean under bedding.  However, when the flooring under bedding is a hard surface and the areas is free of clutter, storage boxes etc. we attempt to use our long dusters to remove surface dust and damp mop using our flat mops.  

The Setting
We always start your cleaning on the upper level of your home and work our way down and out leaving you with a fresh clean home to enjoy.
The ideal cleaning situation is when no one is home. Since this is not always possible, please eliminate as many distractions as possible so our technician can work uninterrupted while observing proper social distancing. Try to schedule your cleaning day when there will be fewer people at home.
Please secure pets and keep children in another area as we are working with equipment and damp floors for their safety.
More time may be available for purchase, or we may need to adjust which tasks can be accomplished or forgo due to insufficient time allotment and schedule them to be completed on another day and time.

Add-on Services
When you have scheduled us to clean the inside of your self-cleaning oven(s) please be sure it is run on the clean cycle for a minimum of three hours (per oven) and has that same amount of time to cool so that the door(s) will unlock allowing us access the interior of the oven to complete the cleaning process for you.
Please try to avoid restocking the refrigerator until after we clean the inside when you have this service scheduled.
Dishwashers are expected to be empty when we are scheduled to clean the interior.
Washers & Dryers are expected to be empty when we are scheduled to clean the interior. 

Kitchen grease takes extra cleaning power and time, supplies and equipment to remediate on cabinets, under cabinets, back splash, stove/range tops, hoods, vents, appliances, flooring, lighting etc.  If this service is needed talk with your estimator before scheduling service to avoid any unnecessary disappointment.

Freshen Your Nest Cleaning values our clients and we love to talk with you. We have built in 5 minutes when we arrive at your home to touch base, get updates and just say Hi!
After 10 minutes, we need to get cleaning. This ensures that we have the proper amount of time to be efficient and thorough and also to stay on schedule.
We take great pride in arriving on time for each cleaning. Your technician will also complete a 3 minute touch point at the end of your cleaning, if you are available.

Freshen Your Nest Cleaning trains our technicians to use a proven routine/system to clean each room from top to bottom and working around the room in a circle.
Due to safety concerns and efficiency, we ask when we are cleaning in a specific area that home owners and children not be in the area.
This prevents accidents, allows us to safely work and prevents oversights or missed items.
Once an area is cleaned, ie, a kitchen, and our technicians have completed cleaning the kitchen they cannot re-clean if there is a spill, foot prints on floors or a meal has been eaten.
Technicians can contact the office for a re-cleaning price if requested.
If you are working from home and are in an area that needs to be cleaned, please leave us a note or tell your technician at the start of the cleaning how you wish the technician to proceed. We are happy to quietly come in and dust if you’re on a phone call.

Remodeling, new furniture, painting, etc. A fresh new space brings life into your home and we love to be able to assist during this transition and afterwards. But let’s face it, a new look can be messy! The quote on your home is based on the current standings. If changes are being made, let us know and we will work with you as the process evolves. Many times we can still clean bathrooms to keep up on the soap scum or clean areas that are not under construction. After projects are completed, we can also help with getting rid of construction dust with a Fresh Start Super Deluxe or Post-Construction clean. Cleaning quotes need to be re-estimated after construction so we can accommodate your new look.

Freshen Your Nest Cleaning Services goal is to make your life easier. We believe it is a partnership that begins with each of us doing our part and understanding how we all work together.

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