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How to Clean Christmas Tree Sap and Pine Needles

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Bringing home a live Christmas tree can make your home smell wonderful, but it also leaves behind a sticky trail of pine tree sap and discarded pine needles.

Sweeping up pine needles with your vacuum can ruin your sweeper, and cleaning up sap leaves your hands with a sticky, dirty residue that is nearly impossible to remove. One quick and easy way to remove pine sap is with hand sanitizer just rub and remove. For pine sap on floors, try spot cleaning your floors by hand with a slightly damp towel with a few drops of olive oil. If you don’t have olive oil available, try using baby oil, Vaseline, or WD-40. Instead of sweeping up loose pine needles with a vacuum or broom, try looping a large piece of duct tape or masking tape over your hand. You can either wear light gloves to protect your hands from the needles or cover your entire hand with looped tape. Dab the needles from your floors and carpet with the tape and discard directly in the trash. You may need to wipe up any remaining residue with a little olive oil to remove any sticky spots.

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